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Ladder Training

If you or your staff use ladders, then they must be adequately trained. Our course provides the basics on ladder selection, inspection, use and storage.

The Work at Height Regulations state that ladders can be used for work at height when a risk assessment has shown that using equipment offering a higher level of fall protection is not feasible or justifiable due to low risk or short duration of use or there is no other safer way of accessing the work area. You should only use ladders in situations where they can be used safely i.e. it is secured, used on stable ground or footed etc.

Who should attend:
All personnel who work at height and use steps, stepladders and ladders.

Topics covered:
• Regulations applicable
• Maintenance procedures
• Identification measures
• Selection of the correct ladder
• Do and Don’ts
• Storing and transporting ladders
• Fault and defect finding
• Ladder safety
• Work at height evaluation
• Course review and evaluation

Course Duration: 3 hours. Certification Provided.

HSCS Scotland Promoting a Healthier Workplace Through Safety

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