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We Can Provide a Whole Range of Services to Help With Your Asbestos Needs

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Asbestos Surveys – We deliver Asbestos Management and Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys for a wide array of clients across a number of diverse sites using highly experienced asbestos surveyors based in the Highlands, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The key to the delivery of a clear and understandable asbestos survey is communication. Communication with the client is essential as it ensures that they get a workable document that will ensure there are no project delays and more importantly – no exposure to asbestos containing materials.

Asbestos Management Surveys assist you with the task of providing a management plan to enable compliance with Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We take discreet samples of suspect asbestos materials which are then analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Using the information gained from the site survey, we then produce an asbestos survey report. This results in the delivery of a highly effective asbestos management plan to ensure that contractors, employees and members of the public are protected from the dangers of accidental asbestos exposure.

Refurbishment & Demolition asbestos surveys are critical to any construction project as the early detection of asbestos allows for a safe and efficient removal of the material. Previous surveys have included distilleries, schools, hospitals, oil & gas installations, offices, industrial sites, construction sites, ships and many more unique environments where asbestos containing materials have been used in their design and build. All projects where the fabric of the building will be disturbed during renovation must have a asbestos survey carried out prior to works commencing.

Asbestos Management Plans – A common misconception is that an asbestos report is all that is needed to comply with regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 – known as the ‘Duty to Manage’ Regulation. Not only must you identify the presence of asbestos, you are legally obligated to manage the asbestos that is identified. The easiest way to comply with the regulation is to commission an asbestos management plan of the premises. These documents are an essential tool to ensure that building occupants and tradesmen are protected from accidental exposure to asbestos and that asbestos left in-situ is monitored on a regular basis. Using a combination of asbestos survey reports, bulk sample analysis, building construction information and even information regarding previous asbestos removal operations, we produce site specific management plans. These management plans can range in scale from offices, shops, retail units, industrial property, schools, hospitals and even production platforms in the North Sea – essentially any non-domestic premises must have an asbestos management plan in place if built prior to 1999.

Analytical Services – Using our extensive list of pre-approved UKAS accredited analysts we can commission a wide array of analytical services on your behalf including Air Testing (4 stage clearance, Personal Monitoring, Re-assurance, Leak, Background, Decontamination Unit Clearance) and Bulk Sample Analysis (including water absorption).

Project Management & Consultancy – Every project varies. Many have unique risks, many are complicated in their own way. Having experienced project management personnel at your disposal – either in addition to your existing team or to oversee projects in times of increased work load – allows the contractor to deliver increased flexibility to their clients. We work within our clients management systems to deliver cost effective management solutions to the most challenging of projects. We encourage communication with end users, regulatory bodies, client representatives and work parties to ensure project delivery is not delayed and the project is delivered safely and within budget. If you are appointing an asbestos removal contractor to undertake asbestos remediation works, you have us at your disposal as highly experienced asbestos project managers. We routinely provide our services to clients and manage asbestos removal operations on their behalf. This includes attending site meetings to view the works with removal contractors, evaluating their tender responses, dealing with on site operational issues, site audits, liaising with regulatory bodies and ensuring that site clearance is carried out adequately before the site is handed back to you. Our insight and experience in the industry can be of paramount importance to ensure works are carried out safely and in line with current regulations and the Approved Codes of Practice.

Asbestos Awareness Training – must be given to employees whose work could foreseably disturb the fabric of a building and potentially expose them to asbestos. During the training session, attendees will learn about asbestos and its history, where it can be found in buildings, health implications, legislation and emergency procedures. Armed with this information, it places then in a position where their knowledge can significantly reduce the chances of themselves or building occupants being exposed to asbestos. Training can be carried out face-to-face or online. More information can be found in our training section.

Asbestos Removal Management Systems – Training is not the only requirement which enables you to undertake the removal of asbestos, you need to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Whether you are a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor or a Non-Licensed Contractor, in order to do this, you need a comprehensive management system in place to ensure that you are compliant with the legislation. we offer a management system created specifically for your company – it includes EVERYTHING you need to comply with the regulations fully. It will not be complicated, but it will include all aspects that you need to ensure you are fully compliant with the law. The other benefit is that you have a wealth of experience at your disposal with our consultants having been senior managers within the licensed asbestos removal industry and the asbestos analytical industry for a number of years. We can give you impartial advice on all aspects of this type of work. It also means that you have an in-house asbestos manager acting on your behalf and advising you in every aspect of the work.

Site Audits – Site audits are carried out on a site specific basis, as each client is different and operate in their own way. For the majority of our clients, at the same time as issuing the ASB5 notification of NNLW notification to the enforcing authority, they also forward the submission to us. This means that we randomly select jobs, which in all honestly, gives the client a true indication of how their company is performing instead of relying on pre-determined site visits. Not only do we look at asbestos issues, but we also assess all health and safety risks, external factors, management systems on site, emergency procedures and the personnel themselves. The information we provide is a lot more than a ‘tick sheet’ and gives the client USEFUL information that they can use in the continual improvement of their operation. These audits are not only related to notifiable projects, but can be tailored to non-notifiable projects as well and can be undertaken in line with your existing management systems. Our site audit service is not only available to licensed asbestos removal contractors and non-licensed asbestos contractors. We also conduct site audits on behalf of duty holders and those responsible for appointing asbestos works to be undertaken. We conduct our site audits on the contractor using highly experienced asbestos consultants and report our findings back to you so you are up to date with the progress of the works and the standard of workmanship being achieved. This service can also be used if you are vetting contractors as part of a contract appointment in line with your HSEQ management system or tender process.

System Audits – Getting the project delivered on site is one thing; in terms of cost efficiency, delivery and safety, but what good is it to be excellent of these aspects when the paper trail – and more importantly – the audit trail is lacking in performance. We conduct extensive audits of systems and project paperwork to ensure that clients do not only comply with the legislation but also ensure that they are protected from unforeseen events 1, 2, 5 maybe even 20 years since the project has been completed.

Asbestos License Assessment Audits – Undoubtedly one of the most strenuous times in a company’s history – asbestos license renewal. Well, it need not be strenuous. Whether it is a new license application, first time renewal, or another in a long line of renewals following past awards – preparation is the key to performing well at a license assessment renewal. Ideally taking place between 3 – 6 months before the application date of a new license, we work with license holders to assess their systems and where necessary highlight any concerns and put in place additional systems to further increase the chances of securing an asbestos license.

Enforcement Action Response – At some time in a company’s life, they may find themselves at the receiving end of an enforcement notice or letter from the enforcing authority. The response to these is vital. It can literally be the difference between the company operating or not. The response also needs to be achievable and practical. That is where we come in. We provide impartial advice regarding the situation and how best to address it. We work on the ethos that it can only help if it is achievable.

Technical Committee Representation – All companies have a regulatory responsibility to review their systems on a regular basis; whether in the face of a legislative change, an accident or an incident that may change the way your company operates in the future. Even if none of these happens, it is always best practice to evaluate systems on regular basis. The definition of regular depends on a number of factors but we have found that quarterly reviews – taking into account site audit findings, Training Needs Analysis, accidents and incidents – ensure that issues can be identified and addressed with minimal effect to on-going operations.

Procurement of Asbestos Services – Utilising licensed asbestos removal contractors throughout the United Kingdom who have successfully passed our pre-qualification selection criteria, we can develop and issue tenders for your asbestos remediation requirements. Whether the works are to rectify damaged asbestos identified within our own – or third party – asbestos surveys, planned maintenance, or part of a construction project, we can call upon reputable and experienced asbestos removal companies who have undergone rigorous audit scrutiny to provide you with fixed price tenders. We will issue tenders in line with your needs and requirements, conduct site meetings with the contractors to ensure that all parties are providing quotations on a like-for-like basis, we shall evaluate the completed tenders for technical accuracy, and we will provide recommendations on which contractor to appoint to undertake the works to your satisfaction.

Decommissioning Services – Whether it is at the end of an offshore asset production life or high risk onshore facilities, our experienced consultants are a vital part of any decommissioning team. Working as part of the initial desk top and feasibility study through to the safe execution of the decommissioning programme we provide impartial advice which complements the project delivery team in achieving their goals.

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