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Accident/incident investigation and near miss recording

Do You Want to Know How to Help Reduce Accidents and Prevent Ill Health? We Can Help

The course is designed to help identify the process of investigating accidents and understand why they occurred and how to prevent recurrence. Accidents can be very costly for companies morally, legally and financially so understanding how to prevent them is essential and by analysing accident/incident data trends can be spotted before an accident occurs.

Who should attend:
All personnel involved in the accident/investigation process and near miss/incident data analysis.

Topics covered:

  • Health and safety Legislation and regulations
  • The language of investigation – key terminology
  • Why we investigate accidents
  • Accident causation theories
  • Investigation insights and benefits
  • Investigation participation
  • Gathering information
  • Analysing information
  • Identifying remedial actions
  • Near miss reporting
  • Developing an action plan
  • Implementing an action plan

No qualifications required.

Course Duration:
4 hours

Certification Provided.


HSCS Scotland Promoting a Healthier Workplace Through Safety

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