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Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies and much more.

Under Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 any employer who has five or more employees must produce a written health and safety policy. The policy must be signed and dated by the senior executive i.e. managing director or business owner. It is a ‘living’ document and must be reviewed on a regular basis and revised to take account for any changes in law or work practices. Although not a legal requirement for smaller organisations i.e. less than 5 employees, paperwork is increasingly being requested from clients, contractors as they require all partners or subcontractors in their business to demonstrate that they are competent and operate a healthy safe business.

We can develop your bespoke health and safety policies with you to ensure you meet your legal requirements as well as the needs of your business. Health and safety policies comply with the Health and Safety Executives ‘Managing for health and safety’ HSG 65 requirements.

Here are some of the policies we can provide:
• Health and Safety policy
• Environmental Policy
• Equalities Policy
• Training Policy
• First Aid Policy
• Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
• CDM Policy
• Asbestos Policy
• Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
• Driving Policy
• Drugs and Alcohol Policy
• Equipment Testing Policy
• Business Continuity Policy
• Site Waste Management Policy
• Information Security Policy
• Water Management Policy
• Human Rights Policy
• Smoking at Work Policy
• Social Media Policy
• Disability Employment Policy
• Flexible Working Time Policy
• Flexitime Policy
• Risk Management Policy
• Substance Misuse and Testing Policy
• Uniform and Appearance Policy

Don’t see the policy you are looking for don’t worry simply contact us.

We also carry out an annual review of your policies and provide recommendations as to any amendments or updates that are required. We can also review any existing policies you have to ensure you remain compliant and assist if required.

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