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Accident and Near Miss Investigation

Accident and Near Miss Investigation – Helping You Learn from Accidents and Near Misses to Prevent Recurrence

The HSE define an accident as “any unplanned event that resulted in injury or ill health of people, or damage or loss to property, plant, materials or the environment or a loss of business opportunity”.

The HSE defines a near miss as “any incident, accident or emergency which did not result in an injury”. A near miss is an undesired event that could result in personal harm, damage to property, equipment or loss of production. Basically there was potential for an accident but there were no injuries. Near misses should be regarded as a warning that a problem exists and that some action is required. Examples include: someone sets up a ladder and it collapses due to a fault. A vehicle nearly hits employees in a warehouse because there are no designated walkways.

We can provide accident and near miss investigation services including writing reports, offering advice or providing solutions to avoid recurrence and help with HSE investigations.

Accident Report – A systematic investigation of an accident to find out what happened and determine immediate and underlying causes as well as reviewing existing risk assessments, safety procedures and control measures with a view to introducing measures to prevent recurrence.

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