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EXOR Assistance

Assistance in attaining EXOR Accreditation

What is Exor?

Exor offers a straight forward and efficient process to help small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) to tender for public sector work. It is pre-qualification questionnaire service that complies with the Public Contracts Regulation 2015. The questionnaire is associated to government standards such as PAS 91 and focuses on the key public sector procurement disciplines – safety, quality, environmental, financial and social value.

Exor in their own words:

‘Exor offers a straight forward pre-qualification questionnaire service, cutting down on administration and getting to the heart of supply chain management. Using a straight forward PAS91 compliant online portal, Exor provides the missing link between you, suppliers and contractors.’

  • Stay ahead of the competition – Gives you a competitive edge over you’re competitors.
  • Gain more business – Companies use vendor services to find their suppliers and require them to be registered so don’t eliminate yourself from being selected.
  • Tender for more work – By being registered you can tender for contracts that were not previously available to you
  • Enhanced company image – Professional image government endorsements for your business.
  • Save time & money – We fill out the questionnaire for you and supply the documentation needed.
  • Improved company health and safety standards – Improve your current standards by being independently assessed

How do I become registered with Exor?

We have vast experience in the registration process and can help you in a simple step-by-step process allowing you to focus on your core business. We will complete all health, safety and environmental sections for you and leave you to complete the financial section which you may not want others to see. In no time you will be able to tender and quote for new contracts. Contact us today.


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