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Health Risks and Avoiding Ill Health at Work Training

Many companies focus on the safety aspect of ‘health and safety’. Our course focuses on health at work, preventing ill health and the importance of having a healthy workforce.

Training provides an overview of the health risks involved in the working environment.

Who should attend:
All personnel and management.

Topics covered:
• Health and safety Legislation and regulations
• Health hazards and common causes
• Display screen equipment
• RSI/Carpal tunnel
• Skin cancer
• Work related diseases
• Back pain and posture
• Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
• Upper limb disorders
• Display screen equipment use
• Occupational asthma
• Occupational dermatitis
• Work-related noise and hearing loss
• Stress
• Manual handling
• Ergonomics
• Avoiding ill health at work
• Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Course Duration: 2 hours. Certification Provided.

HSCS Scotland Promoting a Healthier Workplace Through Safety

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