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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Safety Training

Almost everyone will use a computer, laptop, tablet or phone for their work but are they using it safely?

Designed to assess the safe ways of using display screen equipment in the workplace. Our course will enable delegates to understand the importance of using display screen equipment correctly, how to avoid illness and injury, how to implement control measures, how to carry out a DSE assessment and how to manage the risks effectively.

Who should attend:
Anyone who uses display screen equipment, visual display units, tablets or laptops; anyone who has to assess workstations and the working environment of employees who regularly use computers.

Topics covered:
• Main Legislation Relating to DSE Risk Assessment
• Employers and employees duties
• Reasons for Conducting DSE Risk Assessments
• Health Effects Relating to DSE Use
• Common injuries and main Causes of Ill-Health Relating to DSE Use
• Benefits of Good Ergonomic Design
• Minimum Requirements for Workstations
• Recording the Findings of a DSE Risk Assessment
• Reviewing and Revising a DSE Risk Assessment
• Managing DSE risks

Course Duration 3-4 hours. Certification Provided.

HSCS Scotland Promoting a Healthier Workplace Through Safety

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