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Work is continuing on a new £27 million Materials Recycling Facility in Aberdeen.

The Altens East centre is being developed by SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, with operations scheduled to begin this summer. The site comprises a Materials Recycling Facility where mixed recyclables, collected from homes and businesses, will be sorted before being forwarded on for re-processing. A Refuse Derived Fuel Facility will also process residual waste which remain once all viable attempts to recycle them have taken place.
Once metals have been extracted and recycled, the remaining material will then be securely baled prior to onward transfer out of the area, where it will be diverted from landfill and put to better use by recovering the energy in the waste to provide heat and power to homes and businesses.

Up to 65 people have been employed via the construction phase, while a further 40 roles will be created when operations begin.

Overall, the development will divert 71,000 tonnes of Aberdeen’s waste from landfill every year, helping the city to meet Scottish Government recycling and recovery targets and saving residents in the region of £6m in landfill tax per year.

A range of energy efficient features have been incorporated into the design, including solar panels on the building roof, energy efficient LED lights throughout the site and reducing power demand of processing equipment.

Speaking during a visit to the site on Tuesday, City Council leader Jenny Laing said: “It’s fantastic to come along today and see the Mixed Recycling almost ready to go. When we first came here last in September the interior was empty; now with the bulk of the machinery in place, it looks even more impressive. We have invested massively in the future of Aberdeen in terms of reducing our environmental impact and landfill taxes while also creating new jobs. We have demonstrated our commitment to meeting our environmental targets and now we’d really like everyone in Aberdeen to fully embrace the new waste recycling programme and play their part.”

Source – Build Scotland

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