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Up to 35,000 apprenticeship opportunities are to be created over the next five years thanks to major investment in road and rail infrastructure and technology a new report has revealed.

The industry report charts the progress of the government’s transport investment skills strategy, highlighting how the government and transport bodies, including Network Rail and Highways England are rising to the challenge of meeting demand. In the past year, the road and rail sector has delivered more than 2,000 new apprenticeships, with the number expected to rise to between 5,000 and 8,000 every year to 2022.

Large-scale projects such as HS2 and a focus on new technology and cyber security is set to increase demand for transport skills, in particular in civil engineering, traffic management and digital technology. The proposed expansion of Heathrow could also bring opportunities for an extra 10,000 apprentices across the country.

Transport Minister John Hayes said: “Making our transport infrastructure the best in the world will build business and change lives for the better. Just as putting apprenticeships at the heart of this investment will seed opportunities for thousands of people.”

Chair of the Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce and Commissioner at Transport for London, Mike Brown, said: “The transport sector is delivering on its promise to address the skills challenges we are facing. Skilled apprentices are vital for the future of business and it is right that the transport sector should be leading work across government.”

Source – UK Construction Online

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