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Taylor Wimpey East Scotland has submitted plans to build around 1,400 homes as part of a mixed-use development in Fife.

The developer submitted two planning applications for Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) along with the required technical assessments for each application. One application is for the entire site and the second for the first phase of the project. The complete site covers almost 80-hectare and will be made up of 1,400 homes and a central open space. A new primary school is also planned along with space for commercial and retail development.

The first phase is 17 hectares in size and will include around 340 homes, 85 of which will be ‘affordable homes’.

Pauline Mills, Land and Planning Director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland, said: “Our Planning Application in Principle submissions mark a significant milestone in the process to securing formal planning approval for our development proposals that will establish the framework for future detailed housing and non-residential planning applications. We will continue to liaise with Fife Council and the wider community via the Community Liaison Forum that we’ve established for this project throughout the determination process. Whilst we are unable to confirm at this stage when these applications will be determined by Fife Council, we are hopeful that we will receive a decision by the end of this year. As well as an impressive range of new homes, our development would provide a range of economic benefits for the local area which includes supporting over 160 jobs per year of construction, as well as the attraction of new customers to local businesses and we remain fully committed to bringing forward a development masterplan that will positively transform this area of North Dunfermline.”

Source – UK Construction Online

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