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Vape users can expect to see their smoking habits significantly change next month.

The law is changing and will affect anyone either selling or consuming the cigarette alternatives.

E-cigarettes and vapes are now being strictly regulated under the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. It comes into force on May 20 after having a difficult passage through Parliament.

So what can you expect from the new law?
Well expect to see more details about what exactly you’re smoking. The law states ‘toxicological data regarding the product’s ingredients’ and ‘their effects on the health of consumers when inhaled and taking into account, amongst other things, any addictive effect’ is to be declared.
So gone are the days of wondering what exactly you’re smoking – clear labelling comes into force along with a clearer definition of what’s inside the vape liquid. And that means there will no more additives. So say goodbye to your coffee in a puff – caffeine is off the menu. In fact that’s anything to do with ‘energy and vitality’ banned. So only nicotine will now be allowed and caffeine and colourings are out.

You can also expect vaping to be more standardised. The new law means tanks can no longer be larger than 2ml in capacity. While the actual liquid can’t be sold in packages more than 10ml at a time. However if you use these devices the law does make exceptions under Human Medicines Regulation 2012 and Medicine Device Regulations 2002.

Safer for children.
The law also states that containers for vapes need to be ‘child-resistant’ and ‘tamper’ resistant while they should be sturdy enough to be protected from breakage.

Shops are changing but are online stores?
Many people get their vape material from online retailers as opposed to the vape shops popping up around the country. Alex Fry told from a local Trading Standards told the Plymouth Herald: ‘We are finding that shops are aware of the changes to the law but small online retailers are not. ‘We have found online sellers selling e-liquids in 100ml bottles with a nicotine strength over 20mg/ml. After 20 May this will be illegal unless the e-liquid is registered as a medicine.’

A representative from Vype UK told ‘This new law should provide vapers with greater certainty regarding the products they buy.
‘Vype has been compliant with the Tobacco and Related Products Regulation for a long time and over 50 scientists and 1000s of hours of testing go into ensuring our products meet the high-quality standards set by this new law. ‘That said, we are concerned that, given the advertising restrictions included in the new law, anyone looking for alternatives to traditional cigarettes will not be aware of all the options available to them.’

Source – Metro

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